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  • Hackistan

    Literally land (stan) for smart solutions (hack), Hackistan brings a community of changemakers together to connect around a network of infrastructures.

    Our mission is to provide support, visibility and prototyping facilities to disruptive innovation projects with high societal and environmental

  • Why have we founded Hackistan?

    Human kind is facing critical challenges

    The world is in trouble

    The  21th century will be determinant for us, challenges such as climate change, energy, biodiversity extinction crisis, soaring demography, food and water scarcity, critical resources depletion, air-water-soil pollution, massive urbanisation, to only cite a few, will strongly impact our capacity to build a sustainable and accessible to all way of living.

    Disconnected and hyper-specialised

    The scientific, technological, business, institutional, associative world, supposedly in charge to tackle these challenges have become strongly parted and hyper-specialised. The lack of communication therefore hinders the collaboration and the pooling of critical knowledge and resources between groups of different disciplines.

    Unfruitful competition 

    Competition within human society remains the dominant paradigm, hampering innovation and leaving very little leeway for development of the needed disruptive innovations. Furthermore, the proprietary dogma and it associated secrecy, pushes to restart again and again the same research and mistakes in different places, leading to tremendous waste of resources and the the lost of precious time in tackling the world challenges. 

  •  Emulate innovation towards responsible solutions

    Societal and environmental disruptive innovation

    Open and multidisciplinary innovation 

    Open and multidisciplinary innovation has proven to be successful. Diversity is central to catalyse innovation. Interaction and collaboration between engineers, entreprepreneurs, scientists, artists, citizens (...) always turn out to lead to more richer and fruitful outcomes than monolithic gathering of people from the same discipline. 

    Emerging trend

    Change dedicated spaces do emerge on each continent, enabling the development of well locally adapted radical innovations and leading the way to possible sustainable futures. 


    Pooling of resources and exchange of knowledge and know-how

    Pooling initiatives and their resources in order to emulate a community valuing trust principles and the sharing of knowledge and know-how

  • Core values


  • Hackistan project: how to foster disruptive innovation?

    Disruptive innovation is a subtle mix between a diversity of talents, useful spaces and serendipitidy



    Hackistan is a community of entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, engineers, biologists, developers and makers who are willing to change the world through innovation. A community to catalyse disruptive innovations through the sharing of resources, knowledge and transdisciplinarity. 

    On top of this community, we aim at building a venture mutualist cooperative that fosters collaborative support.

    Network of infrastructures


    Hackistan also aims at promoting an inspired vision of the future while offering an stimulating and productive work environment, where creativity and open mindedness break down the walls across disciplines. The objective is therefore to create a physical space in Brussels combining scientific labs (biology, chemistry,...), a fablab for the prototyping, office desks for start-ups, media studios (web, video,...), hackerspaces,... The place would also host a bar and exhibitions spaces to foster the collaborative spirit.

    Tools to emulate


    A set of tools are provided to Hackistanis. Digital tools to organize and prototype their projects, several access to lab and spaces, as well as devices and software. A large semantic mapping of the ecosystem is also available to facilitate the way changemakers find their way in the jungle.

  • Examples of supported projects

    If your project is disruptive and brings societal or environmental solutions, please shout out!

    Biofuel cells

    Building a news sort of battery, based on the processing of waste with the help of bacteria.

    Auto-regenerating building materials

    Producing bio-inspired building-materials that autonomously regenerate

    Micropayement app for Africa

    Bringing a unified app solution for people in Niger.

    Decentralized on-demand urban bike service

    Using crypted technologies, build padlocks that anyone can use and install at their place to disrupt advertisement-based solutions.

    Mushrooms to decontaminate soils

    Bio-inspired solution to decontaminate soils.

  • Help us map the Belgian innovation ecosystem

    Add your project, any valuable infrastructure in order to complete this map.

  • Your advantages

    October 28, 2015
    Enhance your visibility in a target community Get more traffic at your place Meet citizens with complementary skills Free use of digital tools Host disruptive new projects Build solid partnerships with universities and industries As a host, dive at the core of tomorrow’s...
    October 27, 2015
    Join a community of pioneers Access the ecosystem network Get invited to events Share your skills and know-how Contribute to the collective intelligence Get support of peers for your project Free use of digital tools Get advantages in partner infrastructures Get funded ...
  • Interested?
    Acquire the citizenship

    Whether you are an individual, or represent a start-up, a public or private institution, a foundation, an association, we will be happy to welcome you and to exchange with you.


  • Who are we?

    Pierre-Alexandre Klein

    Neuroscientist and entrepreneur

    He likes to involve the multitude through technology at the heart of the change of our society, transition occuring right now. Media, healthcare, politics, science, he dreams about reinventing the way different sectors are working by finding realistic solutions to these challenges.

    Jean-Michel Scheuren

    Biologist and entrepreneur

    Passionate about nature inspired sustainability, Jean-Michel, Co-founder of Biomimicry-Be and member of European Biomimicry Alliance, dedicates himself to the promotion and the development of bio-inspired innovative solutions. Entrepreneur, holding a master's degree in Management engineering, he is the co-founder of Novobiom, a start-up project aiming at offering innovative and competitive solutions for the ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems.

    Elise Elsacker

    Architect and entrepreneur

    Graduated as an architect, co-founder of Magma Nova (the Future of Materials) and living without producing waste, I have a passion for the manufacturing, implementations, applications of bio-sourced materials and am convinced of the potential of biofabrication. I'm a maker in my own way, experiencing these organisms with small means, without any scientific pretension, with an empirical approach, in an attempt to reveal their potential, that will make them the local materials of the future, and this in architectural and design applications.


    Sebastiaan de Neubourg



    I support and initiate impact-driven projects that use innovative ways of solving the planet's problems. With a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and a master's in business management I use resilience thinking and biomimicry to co-develop scalable new opportunities. I believe that creative entrepreneurship has a key role to play in solving our most pressing social and environmental problems.



    Michka Mélo

    Biologist and designer

    Used to open (bio)laboratory, he co-build a biosourced temperature sensor (La Paillasse/Sony CSL Paris) or microbian powerbattery based on waste (FoAM/Plateforme C). His skills, based on biomimetism can be applied both with technological startups, scientific laboratories or artistic collectives. Through open and participatory work, he hopes to contribute to the emergence of technical objects aimed at helping a sustainable environmental future.

    Philippe Drouillon

    Entrepreneur, consultant and coop addict

    With a biochemistry  and biotechnology background, he spent 23 years in various jobs in a multinational chemical company. He started his own venture - Metamorphosis - to help organisations and teams in domains he's passionated about : sustainability (circular and functional economy, biomimicry,...), collective intelligence, large group and team dynamics, out-of-the-box / strategic / systems thinking, agile & cooperative governance, breakthrough learning processes and innovative business models. Currently co-develops co-ops in farming, energy and fulfilling workplaces.



    Interested, even if you don't know yet how you could help, just contact us, any contribution will be welcomed

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  • Stakeholders profiles

    The common denominator of their projects: to support and being involved in societal or environmental disruptive innovation







    Audio-visuals producers




    Experts in robotics/AI



  • Partners, Mentors and Inspiration


    Cultural lab in Bruxelles



    La Paillasse

    Biohackerspace, Paris


    Biohackerspace, Lausanne

    Biomimicry Be

    Belgian network for the promotion of Biomimicy

    Innoviris Brussels

    Institutional Facilitator

    Impulse Brussels

    Institutional Facilitator

    Fondation Fourmentin-Guilbert

    Let Biology spark

    Startup Basecamp Brussels

    Coworking and nomad digital residency


    Engineers and developers community. loT, app/web development

    MakeSense Sensecube

    Social start-up incubator 


    Digital platform combining information consultation and crowdfunding


    Bio-inspired environmental technologies


    Linking biology and electronics

    MIT Media Lab

    MIT media lab


    Common information inheritage 

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